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We believe not all Chihuahua's are created equal! 
They should weigh 2 - 6 lbs to be in the CKC standards... 
We strive to follow that. They should also have big ears & 
nice round,  cobby heads with square bodies.  
Chi's come in a large variety of coat colors.. everything from white
 to black to every color in between.. including blue, brindle, spotted,
 ticked, chocolate & even lavander. They also come in 2 coat lengths... 
long or short/smooth coats. 


He is a black & white with tan points
short coat. He weighs 5lbs. 
He is full of energy & is totally in love with our youngest :) They both love 4H & training classes together... he is very smart, loyal, quiet & SO sweet!!


She is a short coat White with spotted brindle markings & weighs 5 lbs.
She is very cuddly & sweet with her people & loves to run & play.
She is very beautiful!!


She is a White with wolf sable markings, short coat & 
is 5 lbs. She has an outgoing personality but is a bit shy at first with people. She comes to us from
 a wonderful show breeder in Montreal :)

We have had quite a few retires & a couple new up & comers.....


He is a sable with white & has the most luxurious long coat!
His weight is just under 4 lbs.
He is so sweet, smart & loves to
 just snuggle or chase the girls :)