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We have decided to do this page for those of you who, like us, wonder how these babies are doing. 
It's also a place to read about some of the new 
homes & their experience with us.

Thanks to all of those who provide WONDERFUL
homes to our babies!!

I would like to provide you with my personal story of acquiring our English Mastiff, Sookie, from Jody and Loren, owners of SiMeSh Kennels. Our family had been searching for a good quality mastiff breeder for well over a year. After doing extensive research of breeders all the way from Manitoba to BC, we were very pleased to discover SiMeSh Kennels in Jan 2009. After speaking to Jody personally, and learning about the lineage of her dogs and history as a breeder, we put our name down for a puppy. The mastiff litter arrived Feb 11/09. From the day they arrived, we received weekly updates on how the puppies were doing and pictures via e-mail. Jody & Loren also sent us links to You Tube, where they posted video's of the puppies at 3 & 6 weeks of age.

Jody and Loren encouraged regular visits with the puppy and were more than willing to accommodate our busy schedules to allow this bonding time. The puppies are raised in the family home with Jody's own pets and children, and are very well socialized. This results in easier puppy training and improves the overall temperament of the dog.

When the day finally arrived where we could take our puppy home, Jody went out of her way to meet us half way with the puppy, saving us an additional 3 hours of driving. Sookie was sent home with a wonderful care package including a blanket, toy and bag of food with a treat, and all the breeder/health information to take to our vet. Jody gave us a tips and information sheet on what to expect the first few days after bringing puppy home, and encouraged us to call her should we have any questions or need advice. As stated on their website, Jody and Loren DO "provide lifetime support".

Our veterinarian was very impressed at the documentation they provided and how healthy and well socialized the puppy was. She passed her check up with flying colors! He was impressed to learn that there was a truly good quality breeder of English Mastiffs in Alberta, stating that he would recommend them to his customers.

I would highly recommend SiMeSh Kennels for anyone who is looking for English Mastiffs and/or Chihuahua's. We plan to remain in regular contact with Jody and Loren and will definitely look to them for any future puppies we may acquire.

Sue Sparrow

I just want you to know how much Lacey means to my husband and I.
Brian has had health problems in the last year and Lacey has helped him to relax and find enjoyment in life again. All our other dogs are over 10 years so she has really livened up our home! She is such fun to watch as she whips around the house and then snuggles into my arms for a power nap before she's ready to go again!

Our vet was very impressed with how healthy she is! He says that she has absolutely none of the problems that many chi's have. He felt that as a breeder you obviously know what your doing! He was also impressed with the paperwork you provided!

If anyone wants a referral please feel free to give them our e-mail or phone number.

Thank You!

Dorothy MacKay-Holmberg

Our experience with you guys has been awesome. You were very knowledgeable and able to answer all of the questions we had, and will have about our new puppy Diesel.

It was nice that you sent us updates on the puppies progress even before they were born, and also updates after they were born as well. It was good to be able to see Diesel grow through pictures and visits.

We are very happy that we found you as breeders and have absolutely no regrets getting our puppy from you. We would definitely recommend you to friends or family and if we ever want another Mastiff or a Chihuahua, we would for sure come back!


Ryan & Kelly

It was so wonderful to work with you and I have appreciated all the support and help that you provided in bringing a dog into my life. I really appreciated all the pictures and video's of Grace and have enjoyed watching her grow from a little puppy to where she is now. She felt like a part of my family even before I had her home.

It was such a pleasure to work with you and I would recommend you to any friends who are interested in making a dog a part of their life!


My experience with Jody and Loren was amazing. Not only did I get to enjoy the experience once but I will be enjoying it again as a repeat customer! 

I think there is a couple things you would like to know about. I learned alot about Chihuahuas from Jody and Loren, not only are they very knowledgeable about the breed of their dogs but the puppies come more than prepared and healthy. I appreciated the video's and pictures I got and the take home package they sent home with me.. words can't describe how much happiness these little babies have brought into our lives.. and we can't wait for what the future will bring with more little happy pawprints. 

I would definitely recommend you guys to a friend and I can't thank you enough for everything.. thanks again guys..  much love and happiness :)


I had a wonderful experience with Jody, Loren and the entire family! They are amazing, honest people and I couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone who is looking to add a puppy to their family. Their fur babies are absolutely precious and very, very social - the sweetest little Chihuahuas I have met who stole the majority of my heart. I also had the honour of meeting their gorgeous mastiff, Chloe, and she took the rest of my heart J 

I have always wanted a ‘princess’ of my own. During the last couple years I have had to endure a lot of hardship that came with my divorce. My two dachshunds (Harley and Maximus) came with me. They were my ex-husbands choice of companion but they were without a doubt ‘My boys’ and I was not going to give up on them. Sadly though, I had to give up my beautiful mastiff puppy Lillie… 
(I had to move back with my parents) it broke my heart , the pain of losing her was
almost unbearable and I haven’t been the same since the day she left my life.
She truly was my world.

It wasn’t too long ago I came to realize that life is good- I’m on my own, I own a 
house, have good job, and all 4 of my fur babies (2 cats, 2 dogs - all male). 
But something was missing. It didn’t take me long to realize that the missing piece
was the ‘princess’ I’ve always dreamed of and now that I was on my own - I could
do what I wanted! I knew I couldn’t travel back in time to bring Lillie back into my life
and with all the animals I have - I couldn‘t get another large dog at this point in my life BUT that is where Jody and Loren came in and gave me Bella! 
Bella has changed my life for the better. The boys love her (including the cats!!). She is so energetic and so very sweet! She was definitely the missing piece to my life! 

I can’t thank Jody, Loren and their family enough for this wonderful little gift! I know that Bella could never replace Lillie however just as Lillie still does - Bella holds her own place in my heart. 
She is already so very loved!!



I can’t believe what a beautiful little puppy I got. From the day we brought him home he has been a very happy, sociable, healthy, loving little boy.
He has been such an amazing addition to our home and I can’t thank Jody enough!
Jody was great, constantly sending me updates on Murphy, along with pictures, even video clips of the puppies playing, she encouraged us to drop by for visits, and even sends you home with not only a gorgeous little guy, but with a bag full of everything you need for the first couple of days to get settled with your new little puppy.

I didn’t know very much about Chihuahua’s and Jody was there to answer all my questions, she really knows her stuff.

All in all I had a really great experience with Jody and Loren and would most definitely recommend 
SiMeSh Kennels to anyone.


"Whoever said...
                  you can't buy happiness 
          forgot little puppies." 
                                     -- Gene Hill.